Understanding the Creative Europe Programme: How it's Empowering Local Media


Breathing Life into Local Journalism: How the EU's Creative Europe Programme is Catalyzing Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media

In an era where the media landscape is in constant flux, local media outlets often find themselves struggling to keep pace. Financial sustainability and innovation become challenging in the face of dwindling advertising revenues and the digital divide. That's where the European Union's Creative Europe Programme comes into play, offering a lifeline to local media organizations across Europe. This article aims to unpack the Creative Europe Programme, its objectives, and how it's making a tangible impact on projects like NEWLOCAL.

What is the Creative Europe Programme?

The Creative Europe Programme is an initiative by the European Union to support the cultural, creative, and audiovisual sectors. With a budget of billions of euros, this programme aims to promote European culture, bolster the competitive edge of the creative industries, and protect and promote cultural diversity.

The Three Strands of Creative Europe
The programme consists of three main strands:

  • Culture Sub-Programme: Supports the promotion of European culture.
  • MEDIA Sub-Programme: Focuses on the audiovisual and interactive media sectors.
  • Cross-Sectoral Strand: Covers activities that span multiple sectors, such as the Creative Innovation Lab and support for policy development.

Empowering Local Media: The Case of NEWLOCAL

One of the most compelling aspects of the Creative Europe Programme is its capacity to empower local media organizations. Through its funding, local media projects like NEWLOCAL can innovate and adapt to the challenges of the modern media landscape.

NEWLOCAL serves as an excellent example of how Creative Europe funding can be put to use. The project aims to enhance audience engagement and increase advertising revenue for local media outlets across four countries—Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. By focusing on the development of mobile apps and innovative digital business models, NEWLOCAL embodies the very essence of what Creative Europe aims to achieve.

Beyond Funding: Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Financial support is just one facet of how Creative Europe empowers local media. The programme also encourages knowledge sharing and collaboration among European countries. This is evident in NEWLOCAL's commitment to making its findings public, thus contributing to a more robust and sustainable local media ecosystem across Europe.

Conclusion: The Way Forward

The Creative Europe Programme is more than just a funding mechanism; it's a catalyst for innovation and sustainability in the European cultural and media landscapes. For local media organizations grappling with the challenges of the digital age, the support offered by this programme can be a game-changer. Projects like NEWLOCAL not only benefit from the financial backing but also become part of a larger European narrative of innovation and cooperation.

As we look to the future, the role of initiatives like the Creative Europe Programme will only grow in importance. For local media outlets keen on taking their operations to the next level, this European backing offers not just hope but a practical path forward.

If you're a local media company or a stakeholder in the media landscape, understanding and leveraging the Creative Europe Programme could be the key to your future success.