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Unveiling the NEWLOCAL Project: A Consortium for a Sustainable Local Media Ecosystem

Local media outlets have a unique advantage: a direct line to the communities they serve. Yet, this closeness to the local audience often comes at a price—advertisers' general lack of interest and the constraint of a smaller market. NEWLOCAL Project, a European Union-financed initiative that aims to reinvent the way local media interact with their audience and advertisers.

What is the NEWLOCAL Project?

Funded by the EU's Creative Europe programme, the NEWLOCAL Project is a cooperative endeavor that brings together local media companies from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. The project's main objective is to develop innovative strategies and technologies to enhance audience engagement and, in turn, increase advertising revenue.

The NEWLOCAL consortium aims to invest in new technologies such as:

  • Mobile applications for all partner media outletс
  • Interactive tools like polls, quizzes, and smart push notifications
  • Gamification elements to enhance user engagement
  • User-generated content platforms
  • Personalized content for individual users

In essence, the project aims to forge a new path for local media, one that is both technologically savvy and financially sustainable.

Knowledge sharing

One of the unique aspects of the NEWLOCAL project is its commitment to knowledge-sharing. Not only will the consortium partners engage in internal know-how sharing through workshops, conferences, and work exchange programmes, but they will also make their findings public. This transparency will allow other local media outlets to benefit from the project's insights, enabling a more robust and sustainable local media landscape.

Who's Participating?

The NEWLOCAL consortium is a diverse group of 10 local media companies from four different countries:

From Croatia (HR)
Varazdinske vijesti d.d.
Sjeverni pol d.o.o.
RI PORTAL j. d. o. o.
Pro Media d.o.o.

From Serbia (RS)
Tim za razvoj i integracije
doo Radio Magnum-18
Privredno drustvo Boom93 d.o.o.

From Slovenia (SI)
NT&RC d.o.o.
RADIO TEDNIK PTUJ, druzba za casopisno in radijsko dejavnost, d. o. o.

From Montenegro (ME)
Digital media factory doo

These companies come from diverse media backgrounds—ranging from radio and print to fully digital platforms—but are united in their focus on online production and increasing online revenues.

The Road Ahead

The NEWLOCAL Project has set ambitious goals. The consortium believes that through the development of these innovative tools and strategies, they can significantly boost advertising revenue and audience engagement.

In a time when local journalism is under financial strain, the NEWLOCAL Project offers a beacon of hope. By combining technological innovation with collaborative spirit, this European consortium aims to pave the way for a more sustainable future for local media.

For those interested in keeping up with the project's developments, all findings and activities will be made available on the project's website. Stay tuned! If you're a local media company interested in learning more about the NEWLOCAL Project, or if you're an advertiser seeking to engage with a highly targeted local audience, this initiative could be the perfect opportunity for you. Join us in shaping the future of local media.