Guidebook on best practices - initial version


In the document „Guidebook on best practices“ NEWLOCAL Consortium will show best practices they have learned during the project.

Through the NEWLOCAL cooperative project, our consortium of local media companies will develop a new approach to the audience, which will also help us develop new products and opportunities for increasing advertising revenue. We will focus on new technology, first in the form of mobile apps for all consortium partners' media and then on developing tools to improve interactivity with our users. We will focus on polls, quizzes, smart push notifications, gamification, user-generated content and personalization of the content for every user.

We will focus on internal know-how sharing during the project through conferences, workshops, reports, and work exchange programmes. But, we will also make our knowledge public, as our findings will be available through the project's website for all interested local media to learn about our activities, experiments and what has worked and what hasn't.

In this document, „Guidebook on best practices“, NEWLOCAL Consortium will show best practices they have learned during the project.

It will cover three main segments:
1. Tech hints and tips on how best to use tools, how we have developed them and what we plan to keep them innovative and fresh in the future.
2. Best approach to the audience using tools we have developed.
3. How to use interactivity and gamification to involve sponsors' and advertisers' activations.

The purpose of this guidebook is to present ideas and practical tools which consortium members have used and will be using in their everyday processes, and it will be updated during the project implementation (this is the initial version).

You can access the Guidebook by clicking here - Guidebook on best practices - initial version


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